Call for Proposals

Want to brag about your park’s new hiking trails?

Excited about the health benefits of active transportation?

Feel like taking a deep dive into all of the technical details that make your friends’ eyes glaze over?

Click here to apply to speak.

If you would like to speak on any of the below topics, or another topic of your choosing, please apply.

  • Protected Bicycle Networks: Accelerating or Ameliorating Gentrification?
  • Multi-use Trails: Equity and Economics
  • Vision Zero: Top Safety Priorities for Street Improvements
  • Safe Routes To School: Positive Impacts on School Budgets and Learning Outcomes
  • Economic Impact of Bicycling in Texas, Urban and Rural
  • Best Practices for Measuring Bicycling Mode Share
  • Texas Bicycle Tourism Routes and the US Bike Route System
  • Autonomous Vehicles and the Impact on Bicyclists and Pedestrians
  • Economic, Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Urban Natural Surface Trails
  • Natural Surface Trails, Minimizing Maintenance by Design
  • Paddling Trails: Overlooked Opportunities
  • Natural Surface Trails: ADA Considerations
  • Equestrian Trails: Specific Needs


Mobile Workshops:

  • Bicycle Networks: Thinking Outside the Arterials
  • Electric Bikes and the Impact on Urban Transportation
  • Multiuse Trail over a Water Feature: See the Boardwalk By Canoe
  • Bikes are for Pedaling Paddling

CE Credits will be available for Engineers, Planners and Landscape Architects

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