Impactful Transportation Engineering

Our transportation problems are woven into many pressing issues of the day: sedentary lifestyles, social isolation, global warming, polluted air, polluted water, and the need to move rapidly-growing populations safely and efficiently. Texas’ sprawling cities and auto-centric planning exasperate these issues. What can transportation engineering offer and what is the industry in Texas currently doing?

The Austin Transportation Department is working to improve the accessibility, safety, and connectivity of its transportation network. With the issues of the day in mind, we in the Active Transportation and Street Design Division are offering a piece to a more sustainable transportation network by developing Austin’s bicycle and pedestrian facilities. What are our goals and how are we completing our work?

Eric Virag is a transportation engineer working for the City of Austin’s Active Transportation and Street Design Division of the Austin Transportation Department (ATD). Prior to joining ATD in the fall of 2019, he worked in the private sector completing detailed transportation engineering plans from 2013-2019. Eric grew up in Montana and moved to Austin in 2015. Austin’s culture, weather, and endless entertainment keep him calling it home. Eric enjoys spending free time with his dog, playing soccer, and generally enjoying the outdoors in and around Austin.

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