Designating 130 miles of the Trinity River in DFW Area as a National Recreation Trail with plans to extend to the Gulf

The Trinity Coalition is dedicated to elevating the Trinity River, its parks and forests, as one of the most valued natural assets in Texas. Our mission is to transform the Trinity River Corridor into a nationally-recognized conservation and recreation area.

The Trinity Coalition is supporting the Designation of 130 miles of the Trinity River by the National Park Service as a National Recreation Trail. Provide the list of goals and their status. Bring awareness to the cities along the Trinity of this project and the benefit it will bring.

Increase the awareness of paddling trails and river access linking it to the bike and hiking trails and other recreation. Bring more awareness to the Trinity River. With more then 50% of the population in Texas close to the river. This will be a major low cost recreation trail. Create a paddling trail which will start in the DFW area and eventually extend to the Gulf of Mexico. Will increase the number and frequency on access points along with regular scheduled Clean-up projects and events.

A Texas Master Naturalist and lifetime outdoorsman, Alex Dubovsky serves as Secretary of the Trinity Coalition. He also serves on the board of the Dallas Down River Club. An avid kayaker, Alex purchased his first canoe in 1972 and now has 6 kayaks and one canoe. Alex has twice traveled the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and has visited nearly every National Park west of the Mississippi. Alex is an electrical engineer and retired from a career in the semiconductor industry, Alex was married in 1971 and has two daughters and one grand-daughter. Alex shares his love of nature by volunteering at the Raptor Center and the Heard Natural Science Museum.

Dale Harris is a board member of Trinity Coalition. Avid outdoorsman with 20+ years of hiking, camping, canoeing and kayaking. Active member of the Dallas Downriver Canoeing Club for 16 years, 7 years as president and 2 years as vice president. Also a member of the DFWKayak fishing club, North Texas River Runners paddling club and Fly Fishers International organization. Six years in the US Navy. Currently retired from the telecommunications industry.

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