Getting Your Message Out in 2020 and Beyond: Social Media and Email Best Practices

Getting Your Message Out

You have a Facebook page and and Instagram. You send out emails from time to time. A college student comes in twice a week to check all your social channels. But you’re not getting the response you were hoping for.

BikeTexas’ communications consultant stays on top of current trends, best practices, and those tricky Facebook algorithm changes so you don’t have to. In this session, we’ll talk about when and how to pay for social media exposure; developing your voice; what to do when you don’t have content to share; how often to send emails; why not to panic when your unsubscribe numbers start to climb; and the always-relevant question of angry people on the internet.

This session assumes that you have social channels and/or an email provider and are looking for updates on current laws and best practices. If you need more of the basics, Su will be happy to chat with you afterwards to get you the resources to get started.

Su WilcoxSu Wilcox works remotely for BikeTexas from her home in Cincinnati, Ohio. In her years with BikeTexas, Su has learned from experts in the field and plenty of trial and error how best to keep the BikeTexas communications rolling. Nonprofit communication remains part of her day job now, but these days the priority is getting the message out the door in a hurry in between all the other things.

Su lives car-free in Cincinnati, where she gets around by biking, walking, and public transit. Su’s next passion, after writing and social media, is theatre: if you stand too closely, you’ll probably hear a one-woman Broadway musical whether you want to or not (she takes requests!). Su enjoys writing, reading, running, bicycling, crocheting, knitting, and seeing all the theatre Cincinnati has to offer.

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