Getting There from Anywhere: TDM Opportunities & Challenges

Getting There for AnywhereAs communities grow, but our transportation networks face constraints, it’s becoming ever more important to accommodate these challenges in a sustainable way. While transportation professionals work to tackle the infrastructure challenges, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) gives individuals and organizations the opportunity to address regional issues such as air quality and congestion through policy and programming. Focusing specifically on behavioral change, TDM consists of a combination of carrots and sticks that can be applied across sectors to address these regional challenges, while also improving the quality of life and the safety of our streets.

This session will consist of short presentations by TDM professionals, representing the public, private, and non-profit sectors, followed by a panel discussion and audience engagement to expand the understanding and opportunities for alternative transportation as solutions to regional challenges such as traffic congestion, air quality, and economic growth.

Liza MeyerLiza Meyer has more than fifteen years of sustainability experience developing and implementing policies and practices for the City of San Antonio, City of Austin and USAA. Her experience includes environmental protection, resource conservation, energy conservation, solid waste recycling, transportation demand management and renewable energy resources. Liza graduated from UTSA with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Public Administration. Liza enjoys contributing her skills and expertise to various non-profit boards Positively Impacting Communities (a youth empowerment organization) and Northern Hills United Methodist Church.

Jillian HarrisJillian Harris is the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Special Projects Manager for the Transportation & Capital Improvements Department of the City of San Antonio. Jillian’s work focuses primarily on policy and programming to support and increase multimodal and alternative commutes. Her work is supported by her focus on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, as well as enhancing safety for all roadway users. She has 10 years of experience in the bicycle industry and transportation planning. Jillian joined San Antonio’s first Transportation Planning team in 2015 as a senior transportation planner. Jillian is an active member of the San Antonio Region of WTS. She currently serves on the Student Chapter and Professional Development Committees and previously served as Board Secretary. Jillian enjoys (in non-exhaustive, alphabetical order): art, baking, bicycling, cooking (vegetarian and vegan), embroidery, environmental and energy policies, film photography, gardening, land use planning, painting, parking demand management, running, traffic safety, transportation operations, urban planning and sustainability, and writing.

Lisa Kay PfannestielFor Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel it’s all about the relationship. To build a successful, long-lasting program, project or organization, relationships that are sincere, transparent, and truthful are required. Lisa Kay leads the team at Movability, Central Texas’ first and only Transportation Management Association solely dedicated to working with employers and connecting commuters with mobility options that save time and money.

Prior to joining Movability, Lisa Kay was the director of special events at St. David’s Episcopal Church in downtown Austin for more than a decade. She was charged with creating a meeting and event center for downtown Austin to use as their “community center.” In short time, recurring customers included SXSW, the Austin Film Festival, the North American Bikeshare Association, the Rotary Club of Austin, dozens of non-profit organizations and many downtown corporations. Lisa Kay’s department grew from one that was funded by the organization to one that provided income to the organization. Before moving to Austin, Lisa Kay was the Director of the public transit system in Cheyenne, Wyoming. During her tenure, the system grew from a dial-a-ride paratransit system to a fixed-route public system.

Lisa Kay’s spare time is spent listening to music and wishing she had more time to travel. Lisa Kay also produced a documentary about the Austin music scene and the Saxon Pub titled Nothing Stays the Same. The film premiered during SXSW in 2019 and was the recipient of the music documentary award.

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