Creating Your Community’s Signature Trail – The Beginning of the Red Line Parkway

Red Line parkway

The Red Line Parkway Initiative was founded in 2017 to support a 32-mile linear park along an existing commuter rail line in Austin. We will discuss the full cycle from conception through the present, and our plans for implementation and growth. The session will cover:

  • An overview of our current plan for the Red Line Parkway;
  • Organizational start-up steps, including beginning with what we had;
  • An overview of our initial prospectus, i.e. our business plan;
  • Implementation challenges, including coordination among government entities, engineering constraints, and trail funding;
  • Successes and lessons learned in our first six months with paid, professional staff;
  • Our plans for the next few years of the organization and the parkway.

Tom WaldTom Wald is Executive Director and Founder of the Red Line Parkway Initiative. He is a long-time bicycling and walking advocate, including serving as the first Executive Director of Bike Austin, a Walk Austin Board Member, a Co-Founder of UT Austin Orange Bike Project, and many years on Austin’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Councils. He enjoyed growing up in Minneapolis on its many trails and well-connected neighborhood streets, sidewalks, and urban fabric.

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