Accelerating Active Transportation Network Build Out in Texas

Accellerating Active Transportation Network BuildoutCities across North America are rolling up their design sleeves and getting to work to accelerate the development of active transportation networks and Texas cities are in the mix, finding ways to leverage the most out of voter-approved funding for high comfort, low stress active transportation connections to serve every day trips. In this panel, hear from Houston and Austin on their strategies for moving quicker to get bicycle networks on the ground and connected to where people want to go. We’ll explore quick build implementation techniques, coordination with internal and external partners to bring added value to a project and how to communicate the benefits of this work to the community at large.

Laura DierenfieldLaura Dierenfield leads the Austin Transportation Department’s Active Transportation and Street Design Division with a focus on making it feasible, fun and friendly to walk, scoot and bike in and around Austin, whether that trip is taking you to work, school, the store or to and from a bus or train stop. She brings 18 years of experience in transportation planning, public policy and community-based non-profit organizational leadership.

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