A Unified Strategy for San Antonio’s Visionary Greenways

San Antonio's Visionary GreenwaysThe San Antonio Trail Design Strategy represents a unique effort to develop a framework for enhancing and expanding the City of San Antonio’s ambitious Howard W. Peak Greenway Trails System through a collaborative blend of long-range planning, architectural design, and landscape design. This session will highlight the process used to develop the Strategy and how the Strategy has been utilized by the department since its completion in December 2018, featuring presentations from both the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and project’s lead consultant, Asakura Robinson. The project team used an extensive, data-driven site analysis to drive the development of a Vision framework which breaks the system into six unique “Character Areas.” Various toolkit sections recommend interventions based on the unique cultural, ecological, or physical context of trail segments and include: Character Area-specific hardscape elements; climate-aware / solar orientation considerations for shade structures; low impact development techniques developed in partnership with the San Antonio River Authority; pollinator and native tree planting palettes; and, other placemaking elements. Overall, the Strategy demonstrates a harmony between City-wide branded elements with context-specific features at the neighborhood level; strategically applies LID principles to educate and showcase best practices in water conservation and ecological design; and, serves as visionary and meaningful example of interdisciplinary, culturally-relevant, equitable, resilient, and context-sensitive design.

Katie CoyneKatie Coyne leads the Urban Ecology Studio at Asakura Robinson where she works to integrate more science into practice. Her work spans planning and design disciplines and incorporates resilient design, landscape ecology, plant, health, and climate science, and other bodies of knowledge into work on parks, conservation areas, urban landscapes, neighborhood and small area plans, sustainable tourism strategies, and green infrastructure design. Katie’s balance of education and experience in ecology, planning, and design has armed her with the tools to understand how economic, cultural, social, and ecological goals must be balanced across scales for a resilient future. She has been a part of the leadership team on numerous innovative projects including: Healthy Parks Plan for Travis, Bastrop, and Caldwell Counties, Austin FC Stadium Sustainable Design, Vision Galveston, Resilient Houston, and Dallas Water Gardens Ecological Design. In 2019, Katie won the Under 40 Award for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction category; and, was recognized by the Austin Business Journal as one of the top 25 women leaders in Austin. Katie also serves on the City of Austin Environmental Commission and Joint Sustainability Committee, The Trail Foundation Ecological Restoration Committee, and on the Board of Equality Texas (#yallmeansall). Katie enjoys working out, cooking good food, hiking with the doggos, drinking good wine, and playing tennis.

Daniel LealDaniel Leal is a strong believer in the influence of excellence in Design and Planning to improving the collective identity, socializing habits, ecologic sustainability, urban vitality and sense of belonging of those communities that collaboratively build a sustainable framework for their own future. He is an Urban Planner, Architect, and Urban Designer with 18+ year of experience in Spain, Morocco, Eastern Europe, Canada and the US. Daniel enjoys spending time with family and enjoying our regional greenway system!


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