Wellness: Are We Well? Improve the Well-being of Your Community by Breaking Free of Business Silos and Exploring the Opportunities in Mother Nature’s Gym

Wellness Are We WellIn Wellness: Are We Well, we’ll explore the emerging Wellness Real Estate Lifestyle trend and how incorporating opportunities for regular outdoor activity – also known as Mother Nature’s Gym – can help reduce the impact of four of the major health epidemics facing American’s today.

The goal of this session is to get you thinking outside of the box and to catch the vision of putting people’s health at the center of planning and development. The ultimate objective is to help you create more connections within your own communities, because, ultimately, we all know that while business and industry may operate in a silo, we as humans—don’t.

Individuals across various industries are working to strengthen the connection between our health and the outdoors, and by working with them we can expand our influence for good. You will leave this session not only knowing what the wellness trends are, but with a few concrete examples and ideas that you can put into action right away.

Melanie Webb, a former wildlife biologist and personal trainer-turned outdoor wellness guide, will lead this session. Working at the intersections where health and wellness meet the outdoors for the last 20 years, Melanie will guide you as you describe the health and wellbeing of your community, examine your organizational approach and identify potential partners in various industries, and outline an outdoor fitness retreat for your neighborhood or community.

Melanie WebbMELANIE WEBB, B.S., is the founder of Sol Fitness Adventures and private wellness label WebbWell. An ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Melanie has successfully forged a dual career that bridges the gap between the fitness and outdoor industries. The former wildlife biologist and environmental consultant lent her expertise to KUHL Clothing from 2015 – 2018, managing PR and government affairs at a time when the public lands debate was at an all time high. She has been featured on ATHLETA Chi, Good Morning America, Los Angeles Times, New Beauty, Outside, and more.

With her book series Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym, Melanie has created the definitive guide to helping others reclaim the instinctive, wild, and essential aspect of the human experience through outdoor adventure. The course is a must for anyone working in the health and wellness fields and those with an interest in enhancing their own personal fitness and connection to the natural world. She lives in Utah.When she’s not busy writing books, editing storytelling projects, or helping clients transform their wellness trajectory you can find Melanie growing flowers and vegetables in her community garden plot, stand up paddling the nearest body of water, hiking in her Utah playground, and attending live music, preferably Guns ‘N Roses or the Utah Symphony.

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