Programming Great Trails: Education and Engagement Strategies for Trails

Programming Great TrailsThe purpose of this presentation will be to learn about the City of Austin’s Urban Trail Program and the challenges with reaching a wider community about trails and how to access them. This session will focus on how the City is working to encourage broader engagement and activity on trails through placemaking, wayfinding, and trail activation. We’ll share a successful example of an event that highlighted the trail as a community asset and gathering space. The EastLink and Shoal Creek Conservancy, trail non-profits, from Austin will share examples of how they’re engaging trail users through these strategies. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.

Ana SelvertAna Sievert is a transportation planner originally from Minneapolis, MN now living in Austin, TX. She has a passion for designing and planning bicycle and pedestrian facilities for all ages and abilities. This includes encouraging those who wouldn’t normally walk or bike on Austin’s trails through placemaking and community building events to get more people out to the trail. Her other experience includes work in Vision Zero and transportation equity. In Ana’s free time she is a musician playing surf-pop/surf rock in her majority female and all queer band. She also enjoys listening to podcasts about true crime and race and social justice.

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