Mobile Workshop: Pilot your Destinations

Pilot your DestinationsBike to partners throughout the San Antonio community to discover places and destinations downtown. Learn about tactical urbanism and how you can pilot your next pop-up space. A little goes a long way in showing how a community can create spaces for people and make their business or neighborhood stand out with their flair in design! We will ride eBikes to businesses and neighborhoods that share common interests in making safe and vibrant spaces in San Antonio and create a pop-up space of our own with a local partner.

Jessica BrunsonJessica Brunson: As an avid cyclist and community organizer of community bike rides, training, tech and creative participant and advocate, Texas has brought great opportunities for growth in design and practice. Jessica began as an architectural designer and urban\transportation planner on the east coast and made her way through contracting with the Air Force and now the City of San Antonio into transportation planning with TCI. As a former planing commissioner in San Antonio, Jessica has learned the practice and meaning of how important it is to apply public input, best practices, and enhancing the treasure of all types of spaces to create a lasting partnerships and incorporating new ideas in any city.


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