Virtual Reality to Reality, Technology Applications in Trail Design

Virtual Reality to Reality

Communication is critical and often the key to a successful design process. Taking advantage of advancements in data collection, mapping, 3d visualization, and virtual reality, we can get the most bang for our buck during the design phase of our trails and parks. In this session, we will demonstrate the value of drones, 360 photography, and 3d to communicate our projects to our stakeholders.

Russell Thommen

Russell Thomman: With over a decade of experience in landscape architecture, urban planning, and project management, Russell’s work includes projects in nine different countries. He is currently spearheading 3D visualization, virtual reality, and UAS (drone) efforts for RVi across the US. His interests are driven by systems planning and design, site analysis, project feasibility, graphic communication, and leveraging technology to better collaborate and communicate design. Russell enjoys hiking, running, swimming, and stand-up paddling.

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