Technical Trail Building

Dundas photo

This session covers an in depth class on trail building techniques. The topics include: 1) Introduction to Sustainable Trail Building, 2) Building trail bridges (101 – 103), and 3) Working with Stone. In a classroom type setting, the presenter will discuss topics and use visuals to explain techniques. The session will include class discussion and participation. The presentation will include numerous examples of trail building techniques, including case studies. Each session will include class discussion of materials presented. After each topic, a test will be given to assess participant understanding (no, just kidding).

Dundas bio photoCharlie Dundas was first introduced to trail building as a Boy Scout. Now, 60 years later he is well versed in the evolution of trail building techniques. He has a BA. in History and Masters in Political Geography from Marshall University. He was a farmer, a surveyor, and veteran of the Vietnam War. He served in the marines as an officer in combat engineering and taught as a faculty member at the Marine Corps College. He is on the executive board of the Boy Scouts of American. He started the Tri-State Company in 1989. He is active in the American Trails and Professional Trail Builders associations. His projects cover a regional area including work for the U.S.Forest Service, the TVA, and many others. He has built over 1000 miles of trails.

Mr. Dundas is Owner and President of the Tri-State Trail Construction Company. He is a board member of the Professional Trail Builders Association, and has received their highest honor of project awards three times. He received a Bronze Star in service as a U.S. Marine. He is the holder of a high honor of the Boy Scouts, the Silver Beaver award. He received the Small Business Association award of merit. In his free time he enjoys restoring antique vehicles.

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