Recumbent Cycling: Making Cycling Accessible to All


Recumbent cycling, whether trikes or bikes, offer the key for many individuals that face difficulty riding conventional bikes to once again enjoy cycling. Learning outcomes: Introduce recumbents, explain their mechanics, define and recognize and introduce those who could benefit from recumbent riding. Demonstrate the wide range of riders who could once again enjoy cycling with a recumbent cycle.

Participating in this session will help the participant understand how riding a recumbent can affect individuals in many facets of their lives both mentally and physically. Participants will be able to ride a recumbent to see first hand how a recumbent makes cycling accessible for practically anyone. Professionals in attendance can correlate the many advantages recumbent riding has for riders and apply to those who could benefit from cycling.

Jane Knight has been active in the recumbent cycling community for over 10 years. She is legally blind and hearing impaired, and she and her Service Dog are active recumbent cyclists. She is the creator and head of the Texas Recumbent Riders group that has over 400 recumbent riders as members.

Ms. Knight created and orchestrated the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo for seven years. Marketing Director for Easy Street Recumbent for three years. Currently lobbying for recumbent cycling inclusion in the National Senior Games. Promoter for various local Senior Games cycling events, and currently promoting the upcoming Arkansas Senior Games Cycling event. She is the creator and head of the Texas recumbent Riders, a group with over 400 riders, and the administrator and creator of the Facebook pages dealing with recumbent cycling: Texas Recumbent Riders, Recumbent Ladies, and Recumbent Tandems. Jane is an advocate for all area of recumbent riding, an active cyclist, as well as a photographer and quilter.

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