Maximizing Leverage with Public-Private Partnerships

Map of The Loop, Dallas
Maximizing Leverage with Public Private Partnerships

This panel discussion will tackle the problem of delivering a comprehensive trail system in an urban environment within five years.

The Circuit Trail Conservancy (CTC) is a non-profit, public private partnership with the City of Dallas building The LOOP, a premier urban active trail network around the core of Dallas connecting neighborhoods to transportation hubs and economic opportunity.

The CTC is leading efforts with multiple government agencies at all levels of government (local, state, and federal) and private entities to transform Dallas’ trail infrastructure by delivering a 50-mile network within five years of initial funding. This effort is also the only city-wide (non-geographically defined) urban reuse project in Dallas.

Philip Hiatt Haigh, the executive director of the CTC, will be presenting information about how the organization crafted their Funding and Development Agreement with the City of Dallas. This agreement identified at least $33 million in public funds by matching $10 million in private philanthropy and also outlined arrangements with partner organizations to effectively deliver trail resources such as a partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers. These agreements and partnerships are helping expedite the delivery process to accomplish their goal within five years.

Philip Hiatt Haigh photo

Philip Hiatt Haigh is the Executive Director of the Circuit Trail Conservancy, the public private partnership building The LOOP, a premier urban active trail network around the core of Dallas to connect neighborhoods to transportation hubs and economic opportunity. Prior to joining the Circuit Trail Conservancy, Philip led Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ 2018 re-election campaign, contributing to one of the highest voter turnouts in Dallas County for a Texas mid-term. Prior to the 2018 general election cycle, Philip served as Director of Public Policy for the Dallas Regional Chamber. There he represented the North Texas business community in Austin, Washington, D.C., and locally, supporting a broad agenda of public policies to further promote economic growth and quality of life. Philip has worked for elected officials at every level of government and prides himself on addressing issues from a pro-people, pro-growth perspective. Philip holds a Master of Liberal Studies from SMU in International Studies & Human Rights and Social Justice and a BFA in Sculpture with a minor in Mass Communication from Texas Tech University. He lives in Oak Cliff with his wife and their bicycles and participates in bicycle racing. He can be found on Instagram @philiphiatthaigh.

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