Action-oriented Active Transportation Planning for Texas MPOs


How do you develop an effective and actionable plan for active transportation in a metropolitan area that has been planned, designed and built almost exclusively for the car? Sprawling suburban communities with fast multi-lane roads that have little or no infrastructure for biking or walking are very much the norm in dozens of metropolitan areas around the state of Texas, and they all face a similar challenge: where do you start to make them more walkable and bike-friendly. RJ Eldridge has overseen Toole Design Group’s response to this challenge in Austin (CAMPO), Longview, Tyler, San Antonio/Bexar County, Dallas/Fort Worth (NCTCOG) and more – and is ready to share many of the tips and techniques that he has used to develop effective MPO Active Transportation Plans. RJ will address public involvement, policy development, stakeholder engagement, network development, and funding issues that frequently come up in the planning process. Get ready to discover successful strategies to take the first step, or ride the first mile on the journey towards more walkable and bike-friendly regions in Texas.

About the Presenter:

RJ Eldridge is the Chief Operating Officer for Toole Design Group. He also oversees growth and innovation for this rapidly expanding planning and design firm that now boasts 140 staff in 13 offices around the United States. TDG is 15 years old this year and is based in Silver Spring, Md.

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