Working with Tourism to Develop, Promote and Fund Bicycling


Advocates and transportation officials are continually frustrated by the lack of funding and support for the places we know are great to explore by bicycle. Bike trails, quiet and scenic roads and gravel routes are the kind of places we know anyone would love to cycle, but tourism officials generally lack the knowledge of these places, how to support them and overlook them in their tourism offerings. In addition, there are some amazing bike rides and tours available across Texas that could really use a boost. Pairing these needs with tourism’s role in providing destination development and marketing, it seems like an incredible missed opportunity. Adventure Cycling will cultivate a round table discussion to determine the best way attendees can work with tourism officials and/or economic development councils; this may include featuring/promoting existing rides, routes and trails; assist communities in developing bike tourism related amenities; or funding bicycle projects that are proven to drive economic development.

About the Presentors:

58976578_ginnyVirginia “Ginny” Sullivan is the Director of Travel Initiatives at Adventure Cycling Association, North America’s only organization dedicated to bicycle tourism and travel. Programs under Ginny’s direction include: working with state and local partners to officially designate interstate bicycle routes into the U.S. Bicycle Route System, currently at almost 12,000-miles; co-leading the Amtrak Bicycle Task Force, with a goal of seeing carry- on bicycle service available on all Amtrak lines; education and outreach to state and national public land managers on bicycle tourism amenities and accommodations; and advocacy efforts that protect and improve Adventure Cycling’s 46,846-miles of mapped and documented bicycle routes across North America. Ginny’s work is partner focused and her efforts are driven by the Adventure Cycling mission to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle.


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