Trail Development – A 20 year Perspective


A 20 year perspective on trail development working with public and private partners, opening land for equestrians, pedestrians and non-motorized use, with a focus on sharing multi-use trails.

Participants will be able to identify two agency trail partners, define trail yielding for pedestrians, equestrians, and non-motorized vehicles, and name two multi-use trails.

About the Presenter:

Geri Bischoff is president, an active member, and a volunteer with the Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association. She has been involved with this organization for over 16 years, clearing trails and working with both public and private land owners to open trails. She is the recipient of two association awards for social media promotion and 20th Anniveraary Celebration. Her interested include camping, fostering shelter animals, travel, and horseback riding.

Geri Bischoff

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