Potential Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Active Transportation


The inevitable and eventual advancement of automotive technology towards an Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES) transportation environment will have wide-ranging impacts to mobility and accessibility. We must think about what we want from ACES and mold our future together using ACES as part of a more sustainable future vision. This session will feature transportation professionals leading a discussion of ACES technology, timeframes, and potential direct and indirect impacts of ACES on active transportation. There will be plenty of time for discussion, so prepare for a fun session that will stretch your creative mind to help imagine how ACES and active transportation can influence health, safety, economics, and environmental sustainability.

About the Presenters:

Tom Williams

Tom Williams has 30 years of experience in transportation modeling, urban planning, and project management. His background is diverse, including travel modeling and GIS, demographic forecasting, data collection, systems design, transportation planning, policy planning, training, teaching, project management, and business management. He has developed several regional, sub-regional, freight forecasting, and statewide transportation and demographic models, and tailored many models for specific use in transportation plans and studies. Mr. Williams recently served as Program Manager of TTI’s Travel Forecasting Program, where he managed several travel modelers and transportation planners and coordinated research for travel modeling and forecasting. He is currently a Senior Project Manager with DKS Associates, and is leading transportation projects for the firm out of the new DKS Austin office location. He continues to evaluate new and emerging methods and technologies for travel demand models and how they are applied to today’s transportation problems.

58976578_20120809_turners-3832Shawn Turner is a Senior Research Engineer at TTI and does research on variety of pedestrian and bicyclist issues, most focused of which are focused on getting better data to make streets and highways safer for biking and walking.






31997933_kelly_1Kelly Porter, AICP, is Regional Planning Manager for the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). In his role with CAMPO, Mr. Porter manages the Regional Transportation Plan, Active Transportation Program, and Platinum Planning Program. He also oversees the Regional Active Transportation Plan, the Walkability Action Plan, corridor studies, as well as the regional arterials, and transit plans. Mr. Porter has over ten years of experience and has worked diligently to incorporate concepts to improve equity, upward mobility, and positive public health outcomes into his planning work. Mr. Porter is active in the leadership of the American Planning Association at the local, state and national levels. Mr. Porter received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Prairie View A&M University in 2006 and his Masters of City and Regional Planning from University of Pennsylvania in 2008.

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