Natural Surface Trails – Design for Sustainability

Most trails in wildlands today are natural surface trail. This workshop will focus on building sustainable trails that reduce maintenance, save on funding, and reduce the time and energy required utilizing typical/ standard trail maintenance techniques.

About the presenter:

31997933_20170405_093219Cam Lockwood graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a BA in Recreation Management and Administration. In 1976 he graduated With a MA from CSU Chico with a Master’s Degree in Recreation Planning and Design. He has worked for the past 40 years in a number of Federal Agencies including: Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Heritage Conservation, Recreation Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and for the past twenty five years for the U.S. Forest Service. Cam is currently the Executive Officer of a National Enterprise Team called “Trails Unlimited” an internal unit within the Forest Service. In Cam’s 40 years he has concentrated his efforts in planning, layout & design, construction, maintenance and management of a full spectrum of trail systems. Cam has the distinction of completing the last stretch of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and drove the “Golden Spike” at the completion ceremony. During his tenure with the BLM Cam received awards for “Trail Manager of the Year” as well as being placed on the National trails coordination group. During the 25th anniversary of the California Department of Parks and Recreation the OHMVR Division, Cam was awarded the OHV Trail Manager of the year. Cam is one of the original members of the US Forest Service “OHV Core Group” that identified the concerns of managing OHV on a national basis back in the eighties. During his 25 years with the Forest Service Cam has had the designation of “Master Performer” for trails. Cam has published several documents on trail management such as the “Trails 2000” , ATV training, Modular Retaining Walls, Revised the AMA’s Joe Wernix OHV Planning, Layout and Design, Mechanized Trail Equipment Catalog, Mechanized Trail Construction Equipment Video and Trail Grading and Grooming Equipment. Retired in 2015 to return to his Trails Unlimited LLC business to continue his quest to “train the next generation” of trail managers.

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