Let’s Go Ride Bikes! Building the Cycling Community Through Education


The Esperanza Bicycle Safety Education Center is a community-oriented, non-retail educational bike shop, operated by the City of Albuquerque’s Parks and Recreation Department. Our goal is increase the recreational and transportational use of the bicycle within our community by empowering people to become safe, self-reliant, and responsible bicyclists. Through educational and mechanical classes and clinics, we seek to use the bicycle as a vehicle for change in increasing road safety and transportation options for all road users and enhancing the quality of life for all residents of Albuquerque. In this presentation, we will share our successes and the challenges that Esperanza has faced during its five years of operation.

About the Presenter:

Hugh Hulse

Hugh Hulse has been fascinated with bicycles of all types since he was a kid. Although his formal education is in the fields of Biology and Geography, bicycles have always been at the forefront of his interests. Since joining Albuquerque’s Parks and Recreation Department in the spring of 2013, Hugh has worked on several projects to increase bicycle ridership within the City of Albuquerque. He has worked extensively with several public and private schools, driver education schools, the Wounded Warrior Project, adaptive cycling groups, and the VA. Hugh is a League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor, and looks forward to many years of cycling education in Albuquerque.


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