Illustrated Dutch Cycling Infrastructure


The Dutch believe that you should be able to go anywhere on a bike and they have built their bicycling infrastructure system to do just that. For those who have not had the luxury of seeing such a world-class bicycling infrastructure system, this session consists of pictures to show (1) how the system is designed around major roads and highways, (2) how it is designed in urban congested areas, and (3) what it looks like in rural and recreational settings.

Tom Riddle

After completing a Ph.D. in atomic physics at Rice University, Tom went to work for Shell, where for 34 years he filled a wide variety of technical, commercial, and managerial roles. Shell sent Tom all over the world, where he had the opportunity to see and use bicycle infrastructure in a wide variety of contexts. Tom was fortunate to spend quite some time at Shell headquarters in The Netherlands, along with his bicycle, and to log thousands of miles cycling through Dutch cities, towns, nature parks, and rural areas. On the personal side, Tom has been married for 44 years, has three adult children, and three grandchildren. He holds an MBA from the University of Houston and 3rd degree black belt in traditional karate – both empty hand and weapons. Currently in his spare time he enjoys competitive road and recreational bicycling, and is trying to become competent at playing the guitar and speaking Spanish. Tom is currently serving as the Board Chair for BikeTexas, and as such he hopes to make cycling better for everyone who rides a bike in Texas.

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