“Right-Sizing” the Master Plan for Your Community!


Creating a strong master plan for a bicycling and trail network in your community is a key first step. But every community is different, and too often plans are one-size-fits-all. Instead, a good master plan recognizes the unique configuration, features and assets of a community, as well as what their residents truly want, and builds those into a strong plan that is truly supported and implementable. This session will review master plans done for three different communities, one very small, one medium sized, and one for a region. In each plan, the process, challenges and results will be highlighted, so that participants gain an understanding of how to lay the right framework for their community.

31997933_carrillo_jim_2104Jim Carrillo, FAICP, ASLA, is a Vice President and Director of Planning for Halff Associates Inc. in Austin, Texas. Jim is a registered Landscape Architect and a certified planner. Over 30 years, he has been involved in many major city and regional planning efforts that promote sustainability and active transportation in the Southwest United States. His work has been widely recognized for design and planning excellence from a range of national, state and local entities. He was inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners in 2012.

58976578_lentz_christian_1685Christian Lentz, AICP, joined Halff Associates in 2015 with extensive public sector planning experience at the municipal, county, and regional planning level at different locations throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Mr. Lentz has served as both a municipal and regional planning director responsible for code administration, long-range planning, and the initiation of special planning projects to address community needs including: active transportation, community design, urban redevelopment, renewable energy, and nuisance abatement. His experience includes a full scope of project management – from business development and client management, to project leadership and product development. Since joining Halff Associates, Mr. Lentz has helped to sustain and expand the firm’s active transportation planning practice, and has led municipal parks and recreation, and comprehensive planning efforts. Mr. Lentz has leveraged his professional experience into meaningful volunteer activities that have helped to build the capacity of multiple bicycle and pedestrian organizations such as Ozark Greenways and Wheel Movement of the CSRA.

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