Re-imagining Texas Trails as Destination Worth Riding


We will explore the ways that Destination Mountain Biking Trail Systems are being developed in Wales and across Europe and explore how Texas can change it’s methods to provide a more all round mountain biking experience. We have amazing weather here for riding, and wonderful terrain. We can make a more user friendly experience by incorporating what other trail managers across the US and around the world have done with their trail systems.

About the Presenter:


Ryan Spates has been a trail professional for 14 years, developing natural surface trails all over Texas and working with professionals from all over the world to hone his trail building expertise. Specializing in Mountain Bike trails and development, S&S Trail Services has worked on over 200 miles of trail, with Ryan at the helm. Ryan values the opportunities to share with Texans the lessons learned in other parts of the US and incorporate those strategies into our trail networks here at home.

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