Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Data at the State, Regional, and Local Levels


Motorized traffic count programs have benefited from a long history of data collection, contributing to agencies developing complex models on travel behavior built on vast amounts of data. Many planning and policy decisions are made based on models forecasting traffic congestion. Data collected for bicycle and pedestrian traffic is needed for local governments to gain a better understanding of traffic patterns and usage and will improve data-driven planning decisions. This session will provide an overview of TxDOT’s research effort to establish a statewide bicycle and pedestrian count repository and a standard protocol for how MPOs and Cities can contribute data. Participants will include representatives from TxDOT, TTI, the City of San Antonio, and NCTCOG sharing their experiences and best practices collecting bicycle and pedestrian count data.

About the Presenters:


Teri Kaplan has over 32 years working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). Teri’s TxDOT career includes 13 years in roadway design, 15 years as the Houston District Bicycle Coordinator & Program Manager for the Houston District’s Transportation Enhancement Program, and 4+ years as TxDOT’s Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. In 2014, Teri also became the Program Manager for TxDOT’s Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program. Teri maintains a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm to advance the consideration of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as part of transportation statewide.



Shawn Turner is a Senior Research Engineer at TTI and does research on variety of pedestrian and bicyclist issues, most focused of which are focused on getting better data to make streets and highways safer for biking and walking.


Robery Benz



Robert Benz is a Research Engineer with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and has over 27 years of experience. He has a broad background but has been collecting and analyzing data his entire career. I the past decade he has focused on non-motorized activities from the collection, storage, analysis, and use case activities, such as planning, project scoring, ranking, and project utilization.




Jillian Harris is a Senior Transportation Planner for the City of San Antonio’s Transportation & Capital Improvements Department. She has dedicated her professional career to improving access to alternative transportation, promoting bicycling as a practical transportation alternative, disability representation in transportation, and environmental justice. In her current role, she focuses primarily on bicycle infrastructure and education, as well as enhancing safety for all roadway users. Jillian has nine years of experience in the bicycle industry and transportation planning. She joined San Antonio’s first Transportation Planning team in 2015 and was an integral part in developing the City’s first Multimodal Transportation Plan. She serves as Secretary for the San Antonio Region Chapter of WTS and takes advantage of any and all opportunities to ride her bikes, rain or shine.


Daniel Snyder is a Transportation Planner with the North Central Texas Council of Governments Transportation Department, the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. For the past four years Daniel has focused on bicycle and pedestrian transportation planning, coordinating data collection, planning studies, funding initiatives, and project programming. This line of work contributes to Daniel’s vision to create more opportunities for people to walk and bicycle safely and happily. Daniel received his Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, with a concentration in Urban Development & Social Change from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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